Aug 22

7 Days to Die – How to Survive Your First Night

Got my hands 7 Days to Die, a new zombie survival game currently in development by The Fun Pimps! It’s an open-world, voxel-based sandbox game with a mixture of shooter, RPG, crafting, and even tower defense. I made a video to help you get started and survive your first night!

Apr 25

Minecraft Launcher 0.5 Dev Stuck in Memory

The new Minecraft Launcher 0.5 for the latest developer snapshots (found here) appears to be getting “stuck” in memory even after closing the application down.  Note the “javaw.exe” processes. These are instances of the launcher left behind, like unwanted leftovers in the refrigerator!

launcher in memory2

Even powerful rigs with lots of memory will choke and sputter along with a few of these instances running in the background so here’s what you can do on Windows PC’s to shut the launcher down for good (at least until this bug is fixed!):

1) Click the Start button
2) in the command/Search bar, type: taskmgr
3) Choose the Processes tab and look for “javaw.exe” entries
4) Highlight these and click the End Process button

That’s all there is to it!


Apr 25

Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a Test Drive

Test drive of Minecraft Weekly Snapshot 13w17a. In this episode, we look at the new Name Tag (for naming mobs), Hardened Clay Block, more deserty deserts, and more social zombies! As a bonus, this map seed has several dungeons near spawn with Name Tags in the treasure chests!

Apr 05

Son’s Junior Prom Tonight

Oh wow. Time flies… This is the second event this week that proves that point! Just picked up his tuxedo.

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A time when candy was a top priority.



Candy is still a priority but much lower than car keys.

Apr 05

Minecraft 2.0 Download and Installation Tutorial

Minecraft 2.0 was an April Fools’ joke perpetrated by Mojang but it is now available for download! I’ll show you how to get it and install it in this video!

Apr 05

Minecraft Punchwood Island Family Survival – Episode 37

Short episode but it was the end of that particular session. April Fools episode is on the way!

Apr 05

Mindcrack UHC Season 9 Episode 2

Team Cobblehaters makes the best of its less than ideal starting and get to the nether first but can they capitalize?!

Apr 05

Man vs Minecraft – Day 6 “Sense of Urgency”

Pablo takes a short rest and decides to keep moving to make up lost ground.

Apr 05

Vechs Super Hostile Inferno Mines Episode 2

This is episode #2 of my playthrough of Vechs Super Hostile map #12 “Inferno Mines”

Apr 03

Happy Birthday to my Daughter! Old Prank Video

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I made the Minecraft “TNT-cake” surprise for my daughter. It’s even more difficult to fathom it’s been 15 years since I’d held her in my arms for the first time as a newborn! Where has the time gone?

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Here’s the old Minecraft Dad video, Ep #24 “Birthday Cake Surprise”

9 years ago when she was daddy’s little girl



Now she hangs out with (wax) Hollywood celebs. OK, where’s my bucket of water?!

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